(c) Sabin Holloway 2014

(c) Sabin Holloway 2014

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Luckless is the Berlin-based, New Zealand originated project of Ivy Rossiter.  Based around solo vocals over a 1960s Silvertone electric guitar and hypnotic and dynamic live looping, the sound is poised somewhere between the ethereal haze of indie folk and the propulsive drive of alt-rock.  Drawing inspiration from 90’s heroes PJ Harvey, Mark Lanegan and Sparklehorse, Luckless released second album ‘Vindication Blues’ in 2014.  Luckless is currently based in Berlin, working on material for a new record.

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Luckless press images: 

Solo Portrait:  Web safe  /  High Res  (credit Sabin Holloway)

Solo Landscape:  Web safe  /  High Res  (credit Sabin Holloway)

Solo Square:  Web safe  /  High Res  (credit Sabin Holloway)

Live Square: Web safe  /  High Res  (credit Cabot Pictures)

Live Landscape:  Web safe / High Res (credit Nick Paulsen)