(c) Michael Edge Perkins 2013

(c) Michael Edge Perkins 2013

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(c) Sabin Holloway 2014

As the wind across the harbor rears within moments from a soft caress to a brutal howl, so too does the music of Luckless, the ever-evolving musical project spearheaded by songwriter Ivy Rossiter.  

Luckless’s sound is as elusive as smoke but as enveloping as smog.  Definitions hover slightly out of reach while layers of guitar-wail and drum-thunder echo around the edges.  Luckless draws inspiration from 90’s heroes PJ Harvey, Mark Lanegan and Sparklehorse, while reaching out to contemporary touchstones The Kills and Warpaint; the music is poised somewhere between the ethereal haze of indie folk and the propulsive drive of alt-rock.  Not since Fur Patrol’s Julia Deans has New Zealand had as compelling a frontwoman; a guitar slinging, caterwauling explosion as capable of entrancing as eviscerating an audience.

2014’s sophomore album “Vindication Blues” builds on their 2012 self-titled debut, with a record of great emotional breadth and musical scope.  Two years of touring throughout New Zealand honed Rossiter’s songs to be brought to fruition at the Sitting Room in Lyttelton, with the aid of co-producer and engineer Ben Edwards. 

Founded in 2010 in Auckland as a solo project, the Luckless line-up ebbs and swells as the tide does.  Recently Rossiter has presented Vindication Blues in the company of a raucous four-piece band, but also tours an enchanting and ethereal solo show.  2015 saw Luckless relocating to Europe, spending 6 months touring across the continent and performing to rapturous audiences from the UK to the Czech Republic.

Luckless is currently based in Berlin, working on material for a third album.

Latest Official Music Video

Luckless (nzl) | Full Set | Live at Uebersehcontainer/Bielefeld

kudos for vindication blues

“beautifully controlled, almost sculpted music… but that’s only one side of Luckless, and Rossiter’s other mode is more defiant than defeated„. atmospheric and dynamic, and perfectly suited to songs I’d describe as lusty and lyrical, but hardly Luckless.”  
- Nick Bollinger, Radio New Zealand

"An essential statement from an artist who hasn’t so much grown as exploded, and this album is much recommended… Say hello-and-wave-goodbye to another great talent from this country? Hope so, she deserves "a global platform" (as they say).”  
- Graham Reid, Elsewhere

“sometimes hefty, sometimes ethereal… mixes dynamic instincts with a cinematic inclination”
– Shane Gilchrist, ODT

"Vindication Blues... is the sound of the natural world coming through the artificial overlay of society.  Raw, heartfelt, primal emotions crack through false politeness, like flowers cracking through concrete, revealing something real and powerful amidst the desolation of superficiality."
- The Equal Ground